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Welcome to Princh’s newest version 2.0. This version offers a function some of you have been waiting for: Print multiple documents to a “Print cart” and pay only once. This guide gives an introduction to all functions in version 2.0. This guide will be updated from time to time on the web page: Link


When you click print

When you click print from any program on the computer, Princh for desktop will start. You will see this picture below when Princh is starting.


The picture will disappear after 2-5 seconds, then you will be directed to the “Print Cart”.


Choose language

You can choose which language you want to have the app displayed in, in the top right corner. 


Print cart

The Print Cart contains the documents you print, just like when you shop on a website and add items to the shopping cart. If you wish to print multiple documents, you can add them to the Print cart before you make the payment. 


Add multiple documents to the Print cart

There are 3 methods you can use to add documents to the Print cart: 


1: Minimize the Princh-window (Print Cart) and print again.

The primary method for adding multiple documents to Princh is by minimizing the window and print another document. There is a large text, informing the user about this method. If you do this, you will add another document to the Print cart as shown below.



2: Drag files to the Princh-window

You can add documents to the Print cart by selecting them in explorer and then dragging them to the Print cart. The documents will be added to the Print cart.


3: Right click a document and click “print”

You can also right click on the document you want to print, and click “Print”. If you do this then the document will be added to the Print cart.



Print settings

When you have chosen the document/documents you want to print and added them to the Print cart, you can choose to print them in black/white or color by clicking on the Yes/No button. You can also choose how many copies you want to have by clicking on the “+/-” buttons.



Advanced print settings

If you want to change more advanced settings for a document, you can click on the button with the wrench, under “Other”.



Here you can choose, if you want black/white or color, number of copies, witch pages you want to print, double sided print and paper format. You can also see your document, by clicking “Preview”. Here you can check if the document looks as it should before you print. You can also remove the document by clicking “Remove”. Click on “Close” to return to the Print cart.  


When all you documents are ready to be printed, you must accept “Terms and conditions” and click “Pay”.

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