With this page, you can create new locations and assign printers to them. You can set the address and the opening hours and place your pin(s) on the Princh map. Library visitors can find this info in our mobile apps and on the Princh website.

You can also set the prices for your printers and enable features like duplex (double sided) and define a start-up price. You can also set a default printing option (e.g. A4 color) so when a user prints the default setting is automatically chosen.


To create a new location, click the button in the upper right corner and fill in the requested information:

- Host: Start to type the name of your library authority and click the correct name in the dropdown menu.

- Princh location name: Type in a suitable name for the location you are creating in the Princh software e.g. library branch name

- Princh map location: Start to type in the name of the location you are adding and select the correct name in the dropdown menu. The map and address info will appear below.

- Address: Update the address information as necessary.

- Map: To make it convenient for print users, move the map pin to the exact location of the printer in the building.

Click create when you are done and the window will close.

Once a location has been created, you can edit its configuration by clicking the orange "Edit location" to the right of the location name. That will bring up the window below, where you can set the opening hours of the location. When you are done, simply close the window clicking the "x" in the upper right corner. Settings are automatically saved.


To add a new printer to a location, click the "+ Add new printer" button and click on the name of the printer you wish to add.

To edit the settings of an added printer, click the blue "Edit" button.

In the picture above, you see the printer settings window. In the top part of the window, you can set the name of the printer and location description as shown in the Princh apps.

In this window, you're also able to enable the different paper and color options and set your desired prices. Check one of the four "Default" boxes to choose which paper and color option should be the standard for your users.

Turn on or off the "Allow duplex" toggle switch to enable or disable double sided printing.

Similarly, turn on or off the option to have a base starting price for each print job. If turned on, make sure to define a price in the input field below.