The dashboard page gives you easy access to release ordered print jobs (paid at counter) and to resend or cancel print jobs.

In the left side menu, the section Dashboard” contains 2 tabs: Release Orderand Todays print history

Release order tab
The tab will show all the print jobs from today which has been ordered” by the user via the function Pay at the counter. When an ordered print job is released, it will disappear from the list immediately. Print jobs not released will automatically be deleted at 24.00 every day.

Choose location: Will display all print traffic from the location you choose.

Sort: Click the symbol to sort to the information in an ascending/descending order.

Release a single print job: check the checkbox for the print job you want to print. The price will show in the top. Click the blue Releasebutton to print the print job.

Release several print jobs: check the checkbox for all the print jobs you want print and click the blue Release-button.

Release multi print job: If a user prints more than 1 file at a time, they will show up in a bundleindicating number of files. To print all, check the box in the bundle and click the blue Release-button.

Todays print history tab
This tab will show the print history from today. If a user has a problem with a job, switch to this tab and find the job. The column Status” will show the state of the job. Based on the issue, take appropriate action. 

Resend print job: Check the box next to the print job you want to resend and click Resend print job. When a print job is resent, a new job is printed, the old is cancelled and payment is made only once. Possible for 1 hour after print.

Cancel Payment: Check the box next to the print job you want to cancel and click Cancel Payment. When payment is cancelled within 72 hours, the money will never be withdrawn from the users account. A reservation might show up, but will eventually expire and disappear. Possible for 72 hours after print.

Cancel/resend multi print jobs: It is possible to resend or cancel payment for one or several print jobs in a bundle. Just check one or more check boxes and click either Resend print job” or Cancel Payment.